“Grow up and get a job!”

“When are you going to get married?”

If these are among your least favorite statements, then you’re in good company.Together we want to live life and discover how God makes sense of the chaos.


There's been a desire in my heart to help others for as long as I can remember. This church gives me the opportunity to do that. Me and my friend were able to start a small group with a few other young adults from the church who have quickly become some of my best friends! We meet weekly to discuss the Word and share how we're truly doing. I've really learned that sometimes the best way to care for people is to simply listen to them.

-- Adrienne (testimony from a former young adult leader)

Church isn't about who's in or who's out but a life long conversation with God and others. Unfortunately, church hasn't always remembered that. But Jesus offers us an opportunity to live lives of significance in the context of meaningful relationships.Join us as we step into that conversation and explore what it means to be walking that journey in Beaumont.

Currently, we meet every second Sunday after the service for lunch and we get together for occasional events.

Pastor Bernd Heyde 

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