LIFE Groups

Experiencing biblical community is at the heart of our Ministry at Beaumont Community Church (BCC).  One way in which we do this is by being involved in LIFE Groups.  We understand and express community and fellowship with other believers in Jesus Christ in seven distinct ways, identified by an acronym that spells the word…

S.  E.  R.  V.  I.  C.  E.

Spiritually Forming (1 John 1:3-10…Fellowship with God leads to Fellowship with Others.)

As a LIFE Group, we will introduce ways in which we help each other to follow Jesus Christ more faithfully.  We call this a Disciple-making Journey.  This may include ways of both engaging in and evaluating our own growth in Christ using a variety of helpful tools.  We will encourage confession, areas of struggle to one another and set personal goals for our growth in Christ in the year to come.  Throughout the year, we will share our progress and encourage on another monthly in our pursuit of Christ-likeness.  Our primary resources will be the Bible and prayer.

Evangelizing (John 17:20-26…Unity in the Trinity sets the World Free.)

Each household within a LIFE Group will be encouraged to learn to pray for people within their neighbourhoods and at their places of connection to engage them in meaningful conversation.  Some prayer models may be introduced to help guide this effort.  As LIFE Groups we want to be aware of, get to know and pray for those God will add to our number, as we follow him together.  We will encourage accountability to prayerfully consider those God has placed around us.  We desire to find and use our individual and collective voices to “Proclaim the Good News” so that more may believe.

Recreating (Hebrews 3:12-14; 4:9-13…Be and Encourager and Enter in God’s Rest Together.)

LIFE Groups that recreate together will find opportunity for spontaneous and genuine expressions of Christian beliefs, practices and virtues.  Inviting previously unconnected people and pre-believers to these recreational activities can often bridge the gap between isolation and connection.

Volunteering (2 Timothy 1:5-7…Fan into Flame the Gift God has Given You.)

As members of LIFE Groups, we will look for opportunities to support the great Body of Christ as BCC and in our community of Beaumont through involvement in Ministries of the church and also our community.  We will celebrate what God is doing in the greater Body of Christ and beyond.

Intentional Mission (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8…Make Disciples of Jesus everywhere you go.)

As an expression of our desire to share Christ in our community and beyond, LIFE Groups will seek to support both local and foreign Mission (this might be called our “Global” Mission efforts through increased awareness, commitment to prayer, financial contributions and personal involvement).  These may be coordinated with other LIFE Groups and/or through Outreach Ministry of BCC.

Caring (John 13:34-35…Live our Jesus’ command to love one another as he loves us.)

A foundation of Biblical Community as expressed through LIFE Groups will be our commitment to care for one another.  This will manifest itself in practical for ordinary needs as well as responding to difficult and crisis situations when possible, i.e. hospital or home visits, meal preparation, prayer, and referral to resources.  Careful coordination with our BCC Care Ministry Coordinators and the church office will be essential but not a barrier to care for one another.

Expressing an Everyday LIFE in Christ (Luke 10:25-37…Love your Neighbour compassionately.)

In response to social needs of our community, each LIFE Group is encouraged to be “Good Samaritans”.  Taking the time to respond to others with compassion.

Small Groups

There are other Groups, that offer special topics/themes or bible studies.  These are Small Groups and are offered throughout the year for limited time frames.  We encourage you to consider a LIFE Group but you may also be interested in taking in the themed offering of a Small Group.
If you have any questions about our current groups, or if you would like to get involved in a LIFE or Small group, please email Rick Heavenor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..